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About Direct Stockfeeds

At Direct Stockfeeds we supply a vast range of animal feeds, this includes food for dogs, horse, pigs and general poultry. The most popular products are shown below but we have many other items shown in store. Here at Direct Stockfeeds we pride ourselves in only sourcing feeds from locally Australian owned high quality suppliers to ensure your animals get the nutrients and quality they deserve. 

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Direct Stockfeeds sources products from a locally owned stockfeed mill and a premier supplier of animal feed for the agriculture industry across the Atherton Tablelands and Far North Queensland. The Coarse Grain Mix is a high energy supplement including cracked and whole grains and seeds perfect for all non laying poultry. The Coarse Layer Mash is a complete feed specifically designed for any and all laying hens. The Chick Starter Crumbles are proudly made in Far North Queensland from locally grown grains, including Corn, Sorghum and Wheat perfect for all young chicks.



Direct Stockfeeds sources these products and more from a 100% Australian Owned company. All of these products are made by industry leading manufacturers, with the large majority being Australian Made ensuring a high quality product. Here at Direct Stockfeeds we supply a variety of bird seed mixes suitable for a wide range of birds, whether it be a pet or a wild parrot. All of these seed mixes are perfect for all year round feeding and are easily digestible. They all promote quality skin and feathering all while still giving your bird the nutrients they need.

Dog & Puppy

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Direct Stockfeeds has a range of complete and balanced feeds, specifically formulated to meet you dog's nutritional needs, for all stages and activity levels. All of our stocked products are Australian made and sourced to ensure the highest quality dog food for any breed.

The Working Dog, with optimal protein and fat and the unique balance of prebiotics, vitamins and minerals gives your dog everything they need to stay in top condition, no matter what is thrown at them. The Complete Puppy, with balanced fat and protein for sustained energy, also contains prebiotics to accelerate their immune function as they grow. There is also omega-3 for cognitive development to build their sharp minds and lay the foundations for a lifetime of adventures. The Active Dog, is specially formulated to fuel their adventures with quality protein and fat sources balanced with a unique blend of prebiotics, vitamins and minerals.


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Direct Stockfeeds sources horse feeds from very well known Australian companies. The Breeda is packed full of Advanced, fully fortified and nutrient rich formula, proven to meet the higher nutritional demands of young stock, breeding and performance horses. The Munga is also packed full of premium nutrition in a grain-free, concentrated muesli. Protein rich, low in starch and fully fortified to provide the ultimate nutrition for performance horses. The BioMare Cubes have a set recipe formulation with the same premium quality proteins used in every batch for incredible muscle building capacity and milk production. BioMare Cubes are also scientifically balanced to support fertility and milk production in broodmares + growth and sound development in weanlings, yearlings and 2 year-olds. 

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The Fibressential is an exceptional fiber source suitable for all equines. It provides digestible energy ranging between that of good quality hay and grains, offering an alternative energy source with less sugar. Zero is high in soluble fiber, fortified with vitamins and minerals and has one of the lowest sugar content of any feeds on the market. Its high in fiber, low starch formula ideal for horses prone to metabolic related issues also includes many probiotics to support a healthy gut and immune system.

Other animals


Direct Stockfeeds sources products from a locally owned stockfeed mill and a premier supplier of animal feed for the agriculture industry across the Atherton Tablelands and Far North Queensland. Cracked Corn is a traditional high energy grain supplement, suitable for all animals including horses, cattle, pigs, chooks and other poultry.  These Pig Power Pellets have been designed specifically for feeding to all types of domestic pigs from weaners right through the growing out phase, as well as breeding sows and boars. 

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